Since I’ve setted on the status quo of part time work that I enjoy with a side of writing and web site work, and since I could use more money if I can generate some from it, I have been working on a coherent set of blogs under one umbrella. This, ironically, is not one of them. It could be, since it would fill an area that won’t be under the purview of others. It just seems odd to do that with a “my name” blog/web site. I’ve owned Elhide forever, at least in web years, and decided to use it as a name and umbrella for lack of any better ideas.

Not that I absolutely wouldn’t accept some kind of job or other opportunity that presented itself. It’s just that my going Galt seems to have gone hand-in-hand with an increased lack of seriousness on the part of potential employers. I may be out of date and all, but when something like tech support converges in pay on what I make at my stable, long-term, same-town job, but offers temporary employment with no benefits, that’s crazy. It’s crazy even at significantly higher pay. I digress. Perhaps I’ll talk about what I’d consider accepting in some other post.

Anyway, I have a food blog, tech/geek blog, snarky link blog, business/economics blog, and new review blog. They still need work, and more regular posts. I actually bought a refurbished laptop as a dedicated business computer to post and work on them, and any client site work I may have, with less distraction and greater portability. I just haven’t made space and gotten accessories to set it up fully yet. What’s missing most is a politics blog. That would also tend to be a philosophy blog, though I could write some of that here. It would also tend, unfortunately, to overlap economics and business. I say unfortunately because in an ideal world, politics would have little to do with those things.

That would leave personal blogging for here. Some culture stuff. Maybe some commentary on books that wouldn’t fit at the review blog. Moveis. My interests that don’t fit elsewhere. But then, I could also see putting some of that at a dedicated blog under one “publisher.”

I certainly don’t plan, for now, to use this place for self-promotion of the job seeking variety. I may leave in place my incomplete series of posts formerly toward that end, but I won’t be pushing that content.

And yet… this post is part of that, no? It’s “here’s what I’m working on now.” Go figure.

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