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Feeling Like a Dinosaur

Once upon a time, I mailed out resumes to prospective employers. They might be advertising, or they might simply be likely possibilities I had identified. Notably I did the latter using a slightly outdated copy of the Directory of Massachusetts … Continue reading

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Location, Location, Location

As I look for a full time job, presumably of the proverbial “real job” variety, the topic of location arose. Once upon a time, I commuted from Plympton to North Billerica, Massachusetts, almost 70 miles each way. I survived. I’d … Continue reading

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Thomas F. Fish

On May 15, 2012, my friend Tom Fish died of natural causes in Greenfield, Massachusetts. If no obituary is published elsewhere, let this serve as one. Tom was born June 26, 1961 in Levittown, NY, to Prescott Hayes Fish, late … Continue reading

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Landing Page or Blog Up Front?

I set this place up on the idea of having a static landing page, probably filled with info about me and about what the place is, so in the end that would predominate. I’ve started to wonder if I have … Continue reading

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A long-time foible of mine is to flee entirely a career path or field of study that has, to my mind, gone awry, caused me mortification or become painful to contemplate or gained negative associations. My youth centered much on … Continue reading

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One of the tough things about keeping in the tech game is affording new stuff. In my case, it’s hard even to afford parts to rehabilitate existing hardware. My good computer, the “new one,” was built in 2007, including parts … Continue reading

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Here’s the pitch…

The kind of pitch I’d love to make here cumulatively, but summed up in one post. Except I don’t have the caveat of a great “day job,” have no special reason to keep the part time job (which, after all, … Continue reading

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