I am a long-time technology geek, even longer fascinated by business and economics, sometime entrepreneur, avid writer, sometime stay-at-home-dad, largely rejected by the current economy. There’s plenty of that to go around. At this point, I consider myself semi-retired, getting by on part-time plus side gigs and self-employment. I keep reminding myself of the age when Colonel Sanders achieved success.

Stay tuned for some possible changes here. I’ve grown tired in my youngish old age of holding back in expressing my actual thoughts and opinions. If employers won’t hire me or put forth prospects that can be viewed seriously, then it hardly matter if I offend them. I’ve written under a pen name over the years. Why should I have to hide? Sammy Davis Jr. would be appalled.

So I am working on a more expansive side project, ideally remunerative in time, but without the urgency of youth that it be so. The status quo is stable. I expect to express my thoughts in this and other venues in a way I haven’t, even under an alias, in years. We’ll see how it goes.