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This post and others like it relate back to an introductory post that explains the point. This is an edited variant of something I wrote in 2007, in this case relating my experience/history with graphics and presentation software. In no particular order, the list as best I can remember…

Corel Draw
Jasc Paint Shop Pro
Adobe Illustrator
Microsoft PhotoDraw
Microsoft Photo Editor
Microsoft Paint
Ulead PhotoExpress or PhotoStyler
Graphics portion of DeskMate on Color Computer 3
Jasc Animation Shop
The Print Shop

There are ones I can’t remember, like a particular 3D graphics program I played with back when computers could barely handle it, and a cheesy early CAD software. There are others besides the Ulead software that were bundled with scanners. There’s the built-in graphics features in Word, which were my other specialty besides macros when I supported the product. I created a detailed training handout on the drawing tools in Word just before I transferred to VB support.

Then in VB support, I eventually ended up doing the segment of training covering graphics. Speaking of which, there’s the icon editor that came with Visual Basic, which did what it needed to do but couldn’t compare to Microangelo. I know I’ve looked at the presentation and graphics software with other suites, like OpenOffice, but by now that almost goes without saying. Also speaking of VB, I wrote a goofy little program called KidPaint that also isn’t listed. Never thoughts I’d see the day one of my own kids could play with it.

While I wrote this up, I remembered that I’ve used Microsoft Publisher. One of the first PC softwares I ever used was a thing called IMSI Publisher. So are those to go under presentations, or under word processing? And what about Adobe Acrobat, the full version? Distinctions, distinctions…

Next up, database and RDBMS.

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