Location, Location, Location

As I look for a full time job, presumably of the proverbial “real job” variety, the topic of location arose.

Once upon a time, I commuted from Plympton to North Billerica, Massachusetts, almost 70 miles each way. I survived. I’d do it again, if necessary.

I live close to the Middleboro-Lakeville commuter rail, making that an option for going into the city. From here, I can reasonably go into Rhode Island, onto much of Cape Cod, well up 495, to Boston, or well up 128. I might think twice about a long commute for short pay, but this assumes everything fits.

I could technically work remotely, though I am not sure it’s ideal never to be “in the office” or otherwise see collegues, assuming there are collegues and it’s not a lone wolf assignment. That gives me a wide geographical potential.

, in general I would not count relocating as in the cards, at least not in any immediate sense, but there’s an exception I would consider. Apart from the closer exception of moving nearer a “local” job that has worked out well but features a long commute. My family is mostly in eastern Massachusetts. My wife’s family is mostly in the Portland area of Oregon. We are not strongly inclined to move to Oregon, but the right offer in the area could entice me. I don’t see that happening, from a logistical and cost perspective, but you never know.

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