Data Analyst

On undertaking the current job search, I decided to place an emphasis on the titles of “business analyst” and “systems analyst,” while being open to other things, including but not limited to tech support. I have seen jobs titled “technical support analyst” or such, which might also fall within my skills. On the other hand, based on the Dice salary survey, some definitions of “business analyst” might not. At least, might not do so convincingly, even though as described it fits my favorite/top of the class skill from college, and is not voided by other background.

Just days after my resume went up on Dice, I received a call from a recruiter in Rhode Island. He had a two month contract for “data analyst,” a title I had not thought to emphasize as an option for me. It fits, though. In this case it involved Access, Excel, some SQL, as a tech person working with a team of skills that I gathered did not match mine.

Portsmouth, RI would have been plenty close, but the recruiter surmised and I agreed that a two month contract with some limited chance of extension to a year would not be sufficient to justify abandoning the sure job I have. He is keeping an eye out for contracts of at least 4-6 months instead. Those would be long enough to be worth leaping, and would add value to my resume.

Meanwhile, I appreciate the food for thought. Data Analyst. Well, I did set my current tagline here to “analyst for hire” due to that very ambiguity in titles and roles.

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