Lacking Sympathy

There is an imbalance of single college graduate women to men in the dating pool, leaving an increasing number of women in the lurch. The way colleges have been treating men versus women, the imbalance isn’t going to change soon. The way society and family law treat men versus women in familial relationships and, particularly, breakups, there’s less incentive to marry. I was 42 and well on my way to never marrying or having kids, before I met my wife online.

The above things beneficial to women contribute to my reduced sympathy. Personal experience does the rest. I was never exactly Mr. Social (Read: Painfully Shy), but still. It was made crystal clear to me that I was not welcome in the dating pool. If there was such a thing, and there had to be, since I sometimes saw evidence of it. It was clear to me that I was a vile human if I was interested in women. For some reason that was just wrong, even if other guys were OK with them.

I wanted nothing more than to marry someone special and have kids, as many as I could afford. I was left in the lurch, for no good reason I could ever discern. Lack of boldness? Being too nice? Sheer terror on my part? I have the best kids in the world, but I should not have had to wait until I was 43 for my first one to arrive.

I guess I timed my twenties and early thirties wrong. With an imbalance this, perhaps I’d have had a chance. Or perhaps not.

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