But What About After?

Suppose I get a remunerative job sooner rather than later, helped or not by this site. What is its purpose then? Besides whatever associated rebooting and question how to do so remains. That is, even if I never do technical work again, I’d like to get back up to snuff. To some degree, that takes money, so it’s a self-feeding conundrum, and getting work goes toward solving it. To some degree, it just means focus, planning, time, space and effort. For instance, cost to learn Linux better? Zero, so long as I can come up with a machine to run it. Okay, so potentially a cost, or a tradeoff. But I digress.

This post comes of a thought I had on the way home from my part time job this morning. Not sure I had an answer, even then, but it seemed clearer, as thoughts often do when first wafting into the light of consciousness.

People who have landing pages keep them regardless of employment. Not like it needs to go away. The blog part, well, it can remain a reasonably inoffensive general/technical/business/work oriented blog. No harm there. I have no plans to be controversial here, though I once managed to be that elsewhere without trying. Traumatic, that. So I guess that’s it.

The good thing? That I am so optimistic! The thought wasn’t “what if I don’t succeed,” but rather “what happens once I’ve succeeded.” That’s the outlook to have.

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