I’ve already mentioned the possibility of writing as a vocation, or an element of same. The thing is, my most extensive and recent, even modestly “internet famous” experience along those lines is under a pen name. Not that it’s difficult to uncover, but at the same time I started this site, I decided to work on further segregating, rather than further integrating, those identities. How much I’ll stick with that, I don’t know. Whether the degree of “in the wild” the alter ego has been is a problem (or boon – it did get me prospects in the past), I don’t know.

It does exist, and it is tied up with writing.

Otherwise, I have mainly the history of writen technical support to fall back on as experience to tout. Not that it wasn’t great and voluminous experience. Even somewhat pioneering. That and any content I’ve created that can be retrofitted to this identity. Again, mainly technical and business.

And yet… One of my goals here is to be relatively forthright, about my life, status, background, mistakes, things that might have been and what happened, all that. So do I simply come out and say “here is my pen name”? For now I’ll settle for the fact it exists being clear, allowing people to figure it out or ask about it if relevant.

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