In my first post here, as I recall, I mentioned the stigma of perceived or real failure in my having “gone out of business” after several years of being self-employed as part of what started as and evolved into only nominally a partnership. Which reminds me that I could write about my preference never to be involved in a partnership again. Wait! I just did.

Anyway, I saw an appropriately timed article about successful people having been failures. Not a new topic or observation, but worth the reminder. I certainly learned a lot from that adventure, and for all that went wrong, for all that I was loyal and tenacious to a self-destructive fault, that business lasted from its club-like inception in 1996 until 2007.

I could write a book about what not to do, based on all we did wrong, even when I knew better. In fact, I’ve long thought about doing so. But it didn’t simply die on the vine as so many do.

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