One Thing I’d Like to Do Here

A while back I was thinking about the limitations of a resume in conveying the real you to a prospective employer. That gave me the idea to list what I particularly loved about each position. Not sure it could be made to fit into a resume format, however alternative, but thought it might be useful to post it, if only as a tool of self-evaluation. If there’s a consistent pattern, then doesn’t that tell me something about what I should be pursuing? Or about the environment I should be seeking?

Having never forgotten the idea, despite having found it harder – composing mentally – than I’d expected, I see this as the place and forthcoming time for that.

Of more recent vintage, I thought about posting what-ifs; thoughts on the jobs that never happened. For instance, not applying to Microsoft when invited to, or not pursuing the position of blog manager at BNET when the opportunity presented. I’m generally content with both decisions, but what if…

That’s less telling, though, than the “what I liked” posts. And there are some common threads there, just as there are in the finer details of my emplyment. For instance, I’ve somehow managed to be involved in and inexplicably liked doing training at many jobs. Should I orient my search more toward that, then? Or is it just a symptom of my enjoyment of presenting information to people and helping them understand what they might not have otherwise?

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