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I did a series of posts in “list plus elaboration” format, collecting my thoughts about as close as I could come to everything I had ever used for software and even hardware. This is the followup to that “experience dump,” updated from when I originated this in 2007. I had wanted to create a resume for the first time since 1997. Really, since 1994, as the 1997 version was a relatively modest update for internal consumption to land the promotion to TDL. This and the massive lists of experience, most of which would never make it onto a resume, were nonetheless feeders for same. In effect, this is a chronological resume/history of employment/experience from more or less most to least recent, with descriptions of generally moderate length. I expect this will become my chronological resume page, less the added commentary such as this paragraph, possibly with some expansion, or links to optional added detail.

FedEx Ground
2008 – Present
Package Handler

Separate, scan and palletize packages to be ferried to Nantucket terminal. Scan, sort and palletize inbound packages for terminal’s biggest customer. Worked out original logistics of how to process periodic bursts of heavy inbound volume for biggest customer, in which terminal volume can double, and help orchestrate the process and the work of people helping during those times. Serve on the safety committee, providing feedback to terminal management on safety and operational issues, and performing employee safety evaluations.

2011 – 2012
Field Technician

Installed POS system software updates and troubleshot hardware issues in chain restaurants.

2007 – Present

· Various computer repair, malware cleanup, and user assistance.
· Replaced POS system card readers at a warehouse store.
· Install computer, scanner, label printer at an insurance company.
· Upgrade RAM at an auto dealership.
· Periodically update web site content for a law firm.

XTreme Computing
1996 – 2008
Managing Partner

Handled most of the business and administrative end of things. Designed, wrote, debugged, upgraded, maintained and coordinated development of software. Provided software and hardware support, with an emphasis on law firms. Setup and managed servers and networking. Worked with vendors and evaluated products and services on behalf of clients. Sold computers, both premade and built in-house, and sold parts and accessories. Created and maintained web site starting in 1997. Built and updated, or helped to build, client web sites.

Corporate Software/Stream International
1994 – 1999
Support Rep 1994 – 1995
Developer Support Rep 1995 – 1997
Senior Developer Support Rep/Mentor 1997
Technical Development Lead (TDL) 1997 – 1999

Supported Microsoft Word for Windows versions 1.0 through 6.0, with emphasis on the latter, specializing in Word macros and drawing tools. Supported Microsoft Visual Basic versions 3.0 through 6.0. Supported VB for DOS, QuickBasic and PDS final versions until supported product life expired. Acted as liaison with Microsoft support counterparts. Pioneered and organized VB support via the web. Did technical screening of job applicants. Supervised and advised on technical and incident handling matters over twenty VB support team members. Revamped, scheduled and managed new hire training.

Tranti Systems
1993 – 1994
Support Rep

Provided mainly callback support for PC-based POS systems in the fast food industry, with some on-site support, installation and training, and remote troubleshooting using PC Anywhere.

Solo Services
1986 – 1994

Provided tax preparation, bookkeeping, a touch of computer services, and mediated dissolution of a business partnership.

Arisia, Inc.
1990 – 1992, 1994 -1995

Volunteered as corporate and convention treasurer for non-profit organization running New England’s largest annual science fiction convention, with terms falling in the years noted. Unofficially acted as central source of information in the planning of the 1991 convention. Worked heavily in marketing, copy writing, and program book production for 1991 through 1993. Ran or otherwise worked on sales of merchandise and advance memberships for several years of conventions.

The Renovator’s Supply
1990 – 1992

Received, routed and tracked external and internal finished and raw materials. Stocked the picking area for mailorder fulfillment, keeping inventory accurate. Unloaded and delivered materials to the brass, medallion, metal fabrication and CNC departments. Delivered and picked up mail to and from the post office and delivered incoming mail to the appropriate departments. At times picked and packed outgoing orders, handled customer pickups, cleaned brass fixtures in preparation for dry lacquer coating, assisted the human resources manager, trained and helped people with computers and terminals, and updated the company’s material safety data sheet files.

Hannon-Miller Security
1990 – 1992
Security Guard

Provided unarmed, watchman-style security services at various paper, cutlery and cotton product factories.

Community Newsdealers
1986 – 1990
Delivery Driver

Delivered Boston Globes to home delivery customers and paper route holders. Collected and accurately tracked customer payments. Won customer-nominated Globe driver of the month service award for December 1987.

Christy’s Markets
1982 – 1986
Closer 1982 – 1983
Floating Summer Assistant Manager 1983
Clerk 1983 – 1985
Assistant Manager 1986

Rang up purchases, helped customers, stocked and fronted shelves, cleaned and closed convenience store that was not yet open 24 hours. Spent a summer filling in as a floating assistant manager at several stores, covering for manager and assistant manager vacations. Ordered, received and checked in stock. Prepared and made bank deposits. Trained new hires. Oversaw retrofitting one store with a deli counter, and subsequent operation of it, including preparing sandwiches to order. Worked in 21 different stores in southeaster Massachusetts.

Richard Peabody, CPA

Reviewed, assembled and packaged tax returns for presentation to clients. In a pre-computer, small firm environment, prepared summaries, updated ledgers, balanced accounts, prepared working spreadsheets for accounting and auditing work by CPAs, and did most anything else for which actually being a CPA was not required. Purged obsolete files in preparation for sale of the firm.

Halliday Lithograph
1980 – 1982

Packaged and sent drop shipments, mass and individual mailings of books on behalf of publishers via mail and UPS. Processed into transient, shipping floor or longer term warehouse inventory pallets of finished product coming from the factory, verifying counts and details against bind order sheets for each run. Repacked stock onto pallets or glide packs per specs as required. Loaded trucks. Worked with traffic manager, office staff, receiving, and factory personnel to solve problems. Counted inventory. Maintained postage/package meters, changing eprom cards as needed.

That’s as far back as I think I need to go, as there are only two piddly jobs left, and self-employment mowing lawns and such. This brought back so many memories! Some of what might have been in the specific accomplishments might be previewed or hinted at here, but I was trying not to be too verbose. Part of the way through, I realized that any resume-like review would bring up education as well, as decreased as its importance may be in time. Here, then. is the education part…

Bridgewater State College
BS in Management Science
Finance & Accounting Concentration

This included classes in Pascal and Cobol.

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