Incomplete Data

Makes for imprefect predictions.

As I posted previously, I had predicted and rooted for Mitch to win Alone. And he could have! But how could we have known about his mother weighing on his mind the entire time? I am proud of the local guy regardless. 43 Days!

Lucas was more of a departure of choice, leaving at 40 days, the seventh to go, when he was arguably the best off of all the guys to remain indefinitely. He’s right, though; he has nothing to prove any longer. He was just astonishing. All four who didn’t leave the first week are, but Lucas was a bundle of energy. I understand he lucked out, getting the most random stuff washing ashore of all of them. Luck didn’t give him those skills, though.

I had predicted Sam next, but he’s in the final two, though he appears to be starving and not well off, whatever bravado he exhibits. He could win by Alan deciding he’s done first, but I still see him as most likely to be ninth and Alan as most likely to win.

Alan is looking a bit gaunt, finally, as Sam has been. It is interesting that the final two are big guys with some meat on their bones, while the two to leave before them are the skinny guys. Yet the skinny guys never looked obviously affected by hunger.

I would be proud of either of the remaining guys for winning, but I predict Alan and root for him. Though I have Sam’s goofiness, I relate more closely to Alan.

I just hope the episode isn’t mixed up this week. I come home from work Friday morning, ready to watch the Thursday night episode and nothing’s there! As far as I could tell, they were skipping a week. Then the episode was there Saturday and I was spoiled as to who left prior to seeing it.

On another note, if I am going to post random stuff like this here and not on a blog meant for the topic, I need to change my categories. They all relate to job hunting! One way or another – jobs and projects I’ve done, that sort of thing. Since I don’t intend for a my-name blog to be part of the group of blogs I am creating/revamping on various topics, perhaps if I write about TV, culture, camping, bushcraft, survivalism, or whatnot, it should be on a blog intended for those things. Not sure what that leaves for here, though…

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