Go Mitch!

Another week of Alone and Mitch remains… but so do the other three! I thought I might have written it in the prior post, but I don’t see that I thought Sam had a good chance of being next to tap out. Well, this episode clinched that sense. He was done. Except they ended the episode with no departures, and with only two episodes to go! Not counting the pseudo-episode they have online, in which they do an episode length thing with the guys who left before, and preview what’s next. I didn’t watch that yet. Looks like it was there prior to episode 8.

Mitch, as I expected, at least made a start toward recovering from the gill net loss. None of the guys are in the best spirits. Even Alan. Sam continues to have the worst food issues, and now seems to have the worst morale. When Mitch grumbled about the cold, I was telling the screen “I’ve seen you camp out in a blizzard!” Granted, that didn’t end well and he was able to hoof back out and get home to recover, but it wasn’t the cold or snow that was the big problem then. He did make an excellent point about being less motivated for himself alone than he would be to provide for his family were they also there.

Lucas could have had a bad time, being in between shelters right as the cold hit hard. He is amazing, building a yurt, when he already appeared to have as good a shelter as any. Then building a stringed instrument and making up a song about how it sucks being there now. This on top of the whole canoe thing, which I had worried might be his downfall if there were an accident.

I am assuming the last episode will go heavy on fetching the last contestant and recapping, so effectively we have one episode with heavy tap out action. Can’t wait!

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